Wrack Follow-up

Starfall is the follow-up to the 2014 FPS Wrack, and keeps everything that made it great – including the art style, characters, universe... and action! Starfall incorporates these elements into an all-new game with a great idea nobody's thought to do yet... until now!


Tower Defense

Starfall is in part a tower defense game. What does this mean, exactly? It means you're defending the Grand Beacon against waves of enemies hellbent on destroying it... and you! Use over 30 weapons to drive them back, and place towers and traps to make their lives miserable.



The best part though is that the game is procedurally generated. Never will you succumb to the boredom of playing the same thing over and over again. Each world has its own unique challenges, and each run has its own highlights and pitfalls.

Meet Wrack: Starfall

Here's a quick video we put together for our Kickstarter campaign for Starfall. The campaign may not have reached its goal, but development continues and we hope to bring you this game soon!

Why Multiplayer Doesn’t Work For All Games

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New Site Launch

I’d like to officially welcome everyone to our new site! If you saw the older version of the site (which still exists) used for Wrack, you probably notice things looking quite a bit different. If you’re new to the site, hopefully things look nice and you can find your way around – even on your […]

The Future of Wrack: Starfall

Yesterday we wrapped up our first ever Kickstarter campaign. It was for the funding of Wrack: Starfall itself, and was the first time we were showing off our new game. So, obviously it was pretty exciting for us all. A lot of you really liked what you saw and were extremely supportive of the project […]