Wrack Follow-up

Exoverse is the follow-up to the 2014 FPS Wrack, and keeps everything that made it great – including the art style, characters, universe... and action! Exoverse incorporates these elements into an all-new game with a great idea nobody's thought to do yet... until now!


Tower Defense

Exoverse is in part a tower defense game. What does this mean, exactly? It means you're defending the Grand Beacon against waves of enemies hellbent on destroying it... and you! Use over 30 weapons to drive them back, and place towers and traps to make their lives miserable.



The best part though is that the game is procedurally generated. Never will you succumb to the boredom of playing the same thing over and over again. Each world has its own unique challenges, and each run has its own highlights and pitfalls.

Meet Wrack: Exoverse

Here's a quick video we put together for our Kickstarter campaign for Exoverse (then called Starfall). The campaign may not have reached its goal, but development continues and we hope to bring you this game soon!

Exoverse Monthly Update – Sept. 2016

Greetings once again! Things are rolling right along with Exoverse, so let’s go over some of the neat things we’ve been up to in September. First, we’re nearing completion of our first batch of monsters. We’ve currently got 9 monsters (which you can see here) that have all been sketched, and are nearly completed in […]

Wrack: Exoverse Development Update for the Month of July, Twenty Sixteen

… I really have to work on making these titles less wordy. Anyway, we’ve done another month of work on Exoverse, and wow, what a difference it’s made! The game is really taking shape, and that’s pretty exciting. I really love the way things are going. So let’s talk about some of what we’ve been […]

June Development Update

We’ve had a hell of Cloud a June – and it’s not even over yet! It’s been one of the busiest months in the project’s existence, and they’re only going to get busier and more exciting from here on out. So, Work may as well start sharing some monthly updates with you. What a great […]

Why Multiplayer Doesn’t Work For All Games

I think most of us have had fun playing a game online with others recently. Multiplayer is something that’s become pretty mainstream since the early to mid-2000s with things like XBox Live, Battle.net, Steam, etc. Some games are now entirely multiplayer-based, and many prominent games, in addition to their single player campaigns, provide great multiplayer […]