Wrack Follow-up

Exoverse is the comic-styled follow-up to the 2014 FPS Wrack, and keeps everything that made it great – like the Borderlands-esque art style, characters, universe... and action! Exoverse incorporates these elements into an all-new game with a great idea nobody's thought to do... until now!


Tower Defense

Exoverse is a tower defense game. What does this mean, exactly? It means you're defending the Beacon Imperium against waves of enemies hellbent on destroying it... and you! Use your weapons to drive them back, and place towers and traps to make their lives miserable.



The best part though is that the game is procedurally generated. Never will you succumb to the boredom of playing the same thing over and over again. Each world has its own unique challenges, and each run has its own highlights and pitfalls thanks to roguelike elements.

Meet Wrack: Exoverse

Here's the trailer for Wrack: Exoverse - leaving Early Access on Sept. 10th!


After eight years and two games, Final Boss Entertainment is closing. First, I want to thank those of you who’ve supported us as we’ve tried to bring you games that not only look and feel great to play, but have great design behind them to keep you coming back again and again, and leave you […]

Our Guns Are Ablazin’

One of the biggest problem areas of Wrack was certainly the weapons. Not only were there not that many of them (count ’em, five!), but for the most part, they were fairly run-of-the-mill weapons that weren’t very interesting. On top of that, they weren’t that satisfying to use, had animation issues… well, you get the […]

We Put a Bullet in our Engine

That’s right! We took our engine back behind the barn, and… wait, no! That’s not what I meant! Last time I mentioned briefly that we had begun using the Bullet Physics engine for Exoverse, and this time I wanted to expand a little bit on what that means. For those who don’t know, Wrack didn’t […]

Fire Up Your Engines… Any of Them!

For those who don’t know, both Wrack and Exoverse are using the same engine written from scratch – most likely because I have no life. But, is it really a custom engine, though? After all, it’s using a graphics library that I didn’t write (DirectX). It’s also using an audio library that I didn’t write […]