• Defend procedurally generated worlds! It’s a new world every time you play Exoverse. Construct a deadly maze for your enemies and see what awaits you in the item room before each wave.
  • Choose your character! When starting a new game, play as either Kain, Fabian, Starlyn, or Vance. Each character has their own unique starting weapon, tower, and upgradeable attributes.
  • Assemble your inventory! Collect consumables, runes, and artifacts with game-changing properties. These spawn in before waves, are dropped by champion monsters, and can be bought.
  • Unlock new weapons, areas, and items! As you progress through the game, unlock bigger, badder, deadlier weapons and other items to aid you along the way.
  • Unleash power shots! Every time you damage an enemy, you build up your power shot gauge. Once it’s full, fire a deadly power shot to wipe out enemies, shatter shields, and earn a ton of money through power combos!
  • Shop until you drop! Each new world starts at the Nebula Omnis – a central hub and shop. Use the money you’ve earned throughout the game to buy new weapons, items, towers, and even gamble!
  • Earn rewards for feats! Get money from kills, streaks, combos, headshots, and so on. Spend that money on towers, upgrades, the shop, or pocket it to increase your final score.


Wrack: Exoverse is the follow-up to the 2014 first-person shooter Wrack. It was a very fast-paced, arcade-style game with heavy influences from classic shooters like Doom and Quake.

Now, we want to expand on the elements that made Wrack unique in Exoverse. Wrack featured many arcade-style mechanics like kill chains, score, and finishers, which were largely overlooked; however, Exoverse has been built from the ground up with these elements in mind. Now, rather than merely earning points, you earn money which you can use to further your destructive power. Gather power with each attack and then unleash it through a devastating power shot!