Progress update – 6/09

So yeah, I haven’t posted any updates in awhile. I know I know… what a jerk I am! I’ll sit here and wait while you all throw bricks at me… OUCH! Alright now that that’s over with, let’s get on with showing you all what’s been going on with Project Vega.

Just because there haven’t been updates in awhile doesn’t at all mean that progress has been slow – in fact, things have been going extremely smoothly! About a month ago, I scheduled a list of features that I wanted to have implemented for a… “certain event in August” (hint hint). It was supposed to take over two months. I was done within two weeks.

First, a lot of rather simple features have been implemented which have dramatically increased the quality of how things look: filtering, mipmapping, and anti-aliasing. Some of you might have noticed how blocky and pixely the old screenshots of Vega (remember, it’s a codename!) looked. However, these new features have greatly improved how things look. Here’s a little before/after look:


DM-Sacrificial 04



We’ve also made a lot of progress on the maps and other content. Recently, I took one of the older maps that WastedYouth made, and retextured it using high-res textures. After doing that, doing some minor restructuring and lighting, it looks a hell of a lot better! Again, here’s a before/after of the map:





So as you can see, things are progressing nicely! A lot of other things have been done, but none of them are quite ready to show… yet! We’ll have an announcement or two in the next few days – after all, I don’t want to cram too much into one post! :P

Anyway, one small bit of bad news I’d like to pass on – Agent Spork will unfortunately be too busy to be part of the project :( We’d love to have him aboard, but he’s just too busy with real life issues right now. Despite his absence, we’ll be just fine in the mapping department!

That’s all for now!

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4 Responses to Progress update – 6/09

  1. paladin12 says:

    Nice, the textures look real cool, very unique.

  2. Wartorn says:

    Cool :D

  3. Two weeks? What are ya, a robot? I think your a robot…but that’s still amazingly amazing :D

    Good stuff!

  4. The Doom Freak says:

    Time to kick it into high gear…

    or attempt to…

    …AGAIN. :(

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