The power of shadows

So I’ve been working on the first map of Vega’s QuakeCon demo, and have finally gotten to use one of the features implemented some time ago: shadows! Why am I bothering to write an entire new blog on shadows? Well, clearly it’s because I want to show off this new map lighting is tremendously important, and can make a huge difference in a game.

For instance, take a look at this shot without shadows:
The first map - without shadows.

And then look at this shot with shadows:
The first map - with shadows.

Makes a big difference, doesn’t it? Anyone who’s played Doom 3 can understand just how important lighting is. Without lighting, most Doom 3 maps would appear to have simple architecture and simple texturing. However, the lighting brings the rooms to life, making them look very 3D, and is almost solely responsible for setting the map’s overall mood.

It’s amazing how much of a difference one little checkbox can make.

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  1. Hey Carn, you should throw that 3rd screenshot up too ;)

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