Hiring Bonanza

Things have really been going well lately. Over the past couple weeks, we’ve really been firing on all cylinders. No doubt you’ve all seen the screenshots of Mechadon’s latest map (pretty, eh?)! But he’s not the only one who’s been working his butt off! Some of the recent things that I’ve added are:

  • Powerups
  • Scripted dynamic lighting effects
  • The ammunition system
  • Various support items (medkits, armor, etc.)
  • Many other various gameplay enhancements

It’s really quite a bit to keep with. Features are being added too fast for one mapper to implement (poor Mechadon!). Plus, there’s sure to be bugs with all of the new features. Where am I going with this? Well, you probably already have that figured out! Aren’t you the smart one?

Something I’ve really needed to do for some time (since WastedYouth and Spork left) is to bring in one or more new level designers. I’ve always dreaded it because I was afraid to wade through all of the subpar applications I knew I’d get, but I’m going to go ahead and bite the bullet and do it.

So then, I’m pleased to announce that we have not one, but two openings! We’re looking for a level designer, and a beta tester. Head over to the help wanted page for the full details, but the bottom line is that if you’d like to be brought aboard, give me reason to believe that you’d be dedicated to the project, and if you’re applying to be a level designer, please show samples of your work (I’d be willing to take on something who’s talent level wasn’t up to par, provided they had a great work ethic). There, now those rules aren’t too hard to follow, now are they?

I’ll be very much looking forward to seeing some great applications! With a little help, I think we can really move Project Vega forward even faster.


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