The Grand Release Plan

So as I mentioned before, we’re proceeding with a different set of expectations. Rather than try to release a completed super-mega-ultra blockbuster game (hah, yeah right!) all at once, we have to build up to being capable of that. Obviously, we don’t have the budget to pull off something as vast as Borderlands. Creating the sheer amount of content a game like that has with our staff would take FOREVER! We also don’t have the luxury of being someone like Blizzard who, with their millions and millions in the bank, are able to take all the time in the world to get things perfect. By the time we do that, everyone will have moved onto other jobs already (since it would have taken us forever to release something and be able to pay them). So what’s the solution? Incremental releases!

What I want to do with Last Bastion is have at least three separate releases:

  • A small demo release
  • A full episode release on Steam/Desura
  • And a completed game wide release (online, retail, etc.)

The proceeds from each release would be reinvested into the development of the next release (except for the last one, which would be invested into the next game). I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, so I’ll just discuss the demo release for now.

I’m aiming for allowing you to pre-purchase Last Bastion while it’s still in its alpha phase this fall. I’m aiming for three full maps of completed content (weapons, monsters, textures, sounds, music, etc.), and it would be pretty cheap. Now, maybe you’re thinking to yourself “He’s charging for a demo? That’s outrageous!” Easy there! First, the idea is that this would help raise money for the rest of the development. Just putting together enough art assets for this tiny demo is going to cost me over $6,000. Yeesh! Plus, Minecraft has done something similar, and it’s worked out very well over there. Second, I would only expect the really hardcore fans to get in on this. If Last Bastion doesn’t look like it’s your thing and you feel like being charged for a few maps is a ripoff, you can certainly wait until the full first episode release, or until the full game is out.

Anyway, I’m looking to have the alpha release done this fall. We should have something to show by QuakeCon.

Finally, as I mentioned… yeah… I’m opening my pockets and planning to spend at least $6,000 just on this three map demo alone. I’ve set up a Donations page for those of you who would like to help support this project! :D Things this money will go towards:

  • Helping cover the existing costs of this project
  • Finding additional people to work on this project
  • Giving raises to those currently working on this project

Things this money will NOT go towards:

  • Wild benders in Las Vegas
  • Assembling the world’s largest collection of Faberge eggs
  • Building a Death Ray

Anyway, if you’d like to donate, I would be extremely grateful! Any little bit helps!

Thank you!

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5 Responses to The Grand Release Plan

  1. Slyor64 says:

    /me gets paypal account

  2. Kristus says:

    This is good news, though I still think Vega is the better name compared to Last Bastion.

  3. Spleen says:

    Hehe, this plan reminds me of this one other company that released a demo, then a game you could pre-order, then a game you could buy retail.

  4. Brad Carney says:

    What company/game was that?

  5. Spleen says:

    ID Software! :P

    Doom 1 was shareware, Doom Episodes 2-3 by mail-order, then Doom II by retail in stores.

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