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So recently, LB modeler/designer The Doom Freak brought something to my attention – the aspect ratio was off. He claimed that things were being vertically stretched. To my shock, I discovered that he was right, and quickly fixed the problem. One problem – the change made everything feel WEIRD! The change expanded the vertical field of view (FOV), letting you see more vertically. So, rooms seem bigger, there’s more information on the screen, etc. But, it’s “correct”: squares show up square, instead of being slightly taller than they are wide.

My question to you: which version looks better to you? Method 1, or method 2?

Method 1:

Method 2:

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15 Responses to From Your Perspective…

  1. Mechadon says:

    Huh, that’s sorta weird. If I had to pick, I’d say the first one (or the one that’s not stretched vertically). Though I’m not sure either of them are “better” in any way that I can think of :P

  2. Rivecoder says:

    #1 actually looks better…and for some reason, “newer”. The second one feels like a screenshot from an older, 90’s-era FPS. The first seems like something more modern, probably because the greater prevalence of widescreen monitors and resolutions these days. Or I’m just crazy.

  3. Brad Carney says:

    You’re not wrong about that. #1 I would say is more modern, whereas #2 is the way Doom does it.

  4. TheDoomFreak says:

    #1, definitely. It looks a lot better, and a lot roomier.

    This issue had been nagging me since the start, heh. Glad to see it’s finally resolved. :D

  5. Mechadon says:

    Oh that’s right, Doom is a little more stretched vertically. I remember reading a discussion on that. Anyways, I concur; number 1 seems to be the better one.

  6. slyor64 says:

    I agree with everyone else. Method 1 all the way.
    And what is this rendering technique you speak of?

  7. Anannyo says:

    First one looks better, it looks more pleasing on my monitor… (Size wise)

  8. GodFather says:

    I personally like the second screenshot better, maybe its just my love for older fps games but it just looks better in my opinion. Also poop.

  9. Blox says:

    It would definitely be better if you included both modes as a bonus! :P

    [Normal / Doom]

    But the second one just seems ‘right’ for some reason. Thus becoming my pick.

  10. Blox says:

    I sure have to read the forums before posting..

  11. slyor64 says:

    Well, I just went to the Quakecon Website, and if you scroll down, it says:

  12. Carnevil says:

    But they haven’t started registration yet. Registration is kind of a big deal; after all, not registering in time last year meant waiting in line for AN ENTIRE DAY :

  13. slyor64 says:

    Ooooooooohhhhhhh. Then you should go early, build a tent at the front of the line and wait til quakecon. You can kill time working on last Bastion on your pc.

  14. TheDoomFreak says:

    Oh god, last year. I was one of the first people in line. Came at like 7 AM, and it took till 12 AM (AKA Midnight on the next day) to get in. Garbage.

  15. The DOS Guy says:

    I would say the first one.

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