Last Bastion Is No More

… the name “Last Bastion”, that is!

To avoid confusion with another game that’s coming out sometime soon, we’ll be dropping the name “Last Bastion” (which – let’s face it – a lot of people didn’t care for anyway!). I was hoping to have a new name for you guys, but despite weeks of trying to think of something new, I still have yet to settle upon something I really like. I want to get it right this time, and don’t want to settle for a sub-par name. Hopefully we’ll be able to announce a new name soon. … oh yeah, and when we do, it will likely be accompanied by a new website! :D

Also, big news concerning our first release!

I’m changing up our first release plan. Instead of releasing an alpha, we’ll be doing a pre-order system. By pre-ordering episode 1 of the game (I almost typed “Last Bastion” there – oops!), you’ll get an account which will give you access to the current version as well as updates as we continue to make it! So, instead of getting stuck with an incomplete and possibly buggy (and shitty) version of the game, you’ll get to come along for the ride as we make it! We’ll be able to fix issues, listen to your requests, add features for modders, and most importantly – continue to develop content for, and finish up the game!

That should all be a lot of fun, and it’s coming up soon! Hopefully we’ll be all done and ready to go this summer. Until then…

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7 Responses to Last Bastion Is No More

  1. slyor64 says:

    its ok, I kinda didn’t like the name anyways.

  2. Carnevil says:

    You and everyone else :)

  3. Rivecoder says:


    I’ve been wondering what you were up to :)

  4. Felicux says:

    So, any idea on the new name yet?

  5. Sir Fragalot says:

    So you’re doing a system like Minecraft has. Cool beans. Maybe I can get someone to buy this for me, too. XD

  6. mmm… well, anyways, if the name is LAst Bastion, Or Vega, Or whatever your game still being good…

    I’ll try to pre-order your game… depends of the price. (I haven’t so much money)

  7. Mr.Rocket says:

    Here’s some that I just thoguth up which maybe you could mix with something else. I donno. ;)

    Lost Freedom

    Finding Glory

    Tech Com ~ The Escape

    Twisted Vertex

    The Chronicles of Thor

    Tech9 Revolution

    Destruction Overdrive

    Tech9 Overdrive

    Tin Fold

    Before we Brake

    Bad City 3027

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