Hey Mappers/Modders! We’re Looking for Beta Testers!

Well, I tremble a bit at the response this may bring, but here goes!

As I’ve mentioned before, Wrack is going to be a highly moddable game. In fact, I expect that to be one of Wrack’s most appealing features! So, I’m looking for people who both have experience modding/mapping for other games, and the desire to do the same for Wrack. My reasoning is this:

  • This will help us fix bugs so that we can have a much smoother first release.
  • Any major issues for mappers/modders can be addressed before our first release, so they can hit the ground running.
  • It’d be great if there were already some completed maps/mods by the time we have our first release!

So, if you’re interested, please let me know at bmc431@gmail.com. Be sure to tell me what makes you qualified to do this, and show examples of your previous work. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular! :)


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One Response to Hey Mappers/Modders! We’re Looking for Beta Testers!

  1. Stickman Steve says:

    If I had some more modding experience I’d apply…. the only thing I’ve really done was this:

    and the project was never finished.

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