New Music! New Sounds! New Car!

Okay, so I lied about the car part (I’m not Oprah, people)… but everything else is true!

So as it turns out, the trailer didn’t do a very good job at showing off one of the most awesome things about Wrack – new music and sounds made by none other than Bobby Prince. In fact, some thought the only reason he was credited in the trailer was because of the Doom track I used, and that he had nothing to do with Wrack! Yikes! Bad job by me!

Well, I’m here to make up for that… and then some! I present to you not one, but two new videos! The first one is a new music track called “Crusher” that will be used in one of the later levels, and the second one shows off many of the new sound effects Bobby has created for Wrack.

Enjoy! :)

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One Response to New Music! New Sounds! New Car!

  1. Scorphame says:

    Hi carn, hey the sounds are really good bro, and the music is excelent for your game… I’ll wish to you the best for this project…


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