QuakeCon Wrap Up

Well, I just got back from another QuakeCon, and as usual, it was a ton of fun! I got to play bunch of really fun games and meet a lot of new people! Plus, I got to show Wrack to a ton of new people – all of whom seemed to really enjoy it.

The event seriously gets bigger and better every year. In addition to there being more people, they’ve really gone out of their way to improve things. For instance, last year the line to get in stretched outside. This year, the line stayed inside the whole time… which is great considering that Dallas is in the middle of a record heat wave! They even improved super minor things, like the stickers they put on your PC/monitor. This year they come off much more easily, and don’t leave behind nearly as much residue. Awesome!

Some of the highlights include:

  • The Internet connection. The past two years, if you wanted to do something simple (like check your email), it took nothing short of a miracle. This year, however, it was utterly fantastic. I overheard Wrack modeler TheDoomFreak bragging about how he was downloading a game off of Steam at 8 MB/s. That’s bytes – not bits!
  • Getting interviewed again by The Astringent Gaming Journal! This was a more in-depth interview than last year, which I hope will be interesting (and audible!) for you all. Hopefully it will be posted sometime this week!
  • Getting to meet Tim Willits! He had somewhere to be so it was brief, but he was very nice and it was great to meet one of the longtime id guys whom I respect a lot.
  • Playing a big game of Skulltag. Doom 2 still has some of, if not the best FPS multiplayer action around. We seriously need to play more of this next year!

Anyway, all in all, it was a ton of fun. I’m glad to have met a ton of new people (hello!) and to have been part of such a great event. Seriously, if you’re not going to these, you’re missing out! Start saving up now! :)

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6 Responses to QuakeCon Wrap Up

  1. Zaranell says:

    Man, what’s up with that Astringent Gaming Journal? They STILL haven’t posted the interview yet. I can’t tell if they’re understaffed, busy, or just lazy. They hardly ever update their site anyway, it seems.

    • OriginOfBob says:

      I take full responsibility for the interview being delayed so much. The interview was recorded on my camera and was my duty to get edited and posted.

      Unfortunately, right after QuakeCon ended my wife and I were due to move into our new house. Life just gets in the way of work sometimes, and I’m deeply sorry that coverage of Wrack had to suffer because of it.

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  3. Aju Mann says:


    Great information. Thanks for mentioning.


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