Featured Map Giveaway

As you may already be well aware, I’ve always wanted mapping/modding to be a big part of Wrack. Not only does it come with a great map editor in WrackEd, but we also have a “Featured Maps” mechanism built into the engine to allow players to play maps that we showcase from inside Wrack directly. Since this appears to have gotten off to something of a slow start, I’m going to do something to grease the tracks a bit.

I’m going to give away multiple copies of Wrack (more on that in a moment) to the first person who completes a map worthy of being featured through our “Featured Maps” section! I know a lot of people out there are craving some new content, and hopefully this helps give some of you already working on maps that extra push to get them done!

So, exactly how many copies am I going to give away to this lucky person? Because of something that’s been in the news over the past few days, I figured I wouldn’t just give away ONE copy! Instead, I think I’ll give away… not two… not three… not four… not five… not six… not seven… but EIGHT copies of Wrack! Do whatever you want with the copies! Give them away to friends… or have them mow your lawn first! … or maybe build a shrine to you in your honor! Whatever you want to do! It’s totally up to you!

Happy mapping!

NOTE: This giveaway has been canceled. Anyone having a map featured in Wrack will still receive a free copy – just not the full eight.

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4 Responses to Featured Map Giveaway

  1. Marneus68 says:

    How are we supposed to post our maps so that they can be available for the comyunuty to play with ? Do I have to post it in the forums ?

  2. Brad Carney says:

    Yes, posting in the forums should work nicely! :)

  3. S.J says:

    Ah such a shame I saw this too late. I’d love to tinker with the level editor :(

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