Maintaining Freshness (this is NOT about food!)

… I know. I’m disappointed, too.

Anyway, remember how when you pre-ordered Wrack, I was like “Man, it’s going to be sweet! We’re going to keep making it, and you’ll get new levels as soon as we finish them!”, and you were like “NO WAY!” and I was like “WAY!”? … okay, so maybe it didn’t go down EXACTLY like that (since when are we both stoner stereotypes?!), but the bottom line is that part of the whole pre-order deal is that you get new maps as soon as they’re finished! Well… it’s time for us to make good on that promise!

We’ve just released a new update for Wrack, and this one contains… you guessed it – A NEW MAP! In addition to new monsters and items and textures and everything, it really does a great job of exemplifying what I’ve wanted to do with Wrack from the start – make each level set unique.

PICTURED: Uniqueness.

Each level (or pair of levels) in Wrack has its own environment. It’s got its own unique look and texture set as well as music. I think this helps keeps your experience from getting stale as you progress through the episode. In addition to the visual aspects, each level/level pair has its own gameplay mechanics as well. This helps keep you on your toes from a gameplay standpoint. While E1M1 focuses on moving platforms and E1M2 focuses on damaging floors, E1M4 focuses on conveyor belts and crushing walls and ceilings!

It’s really a big part of Wrack being a first-person platformer. That was one of the things I really loved about platformers like Castlevania and Mega Man – you got a totally different environment with its own personality and neat gameplay mechanics. It’s something that a lot of FPS’s haven’t really done very well, and it’s something I wanted to try to do with Wrack. Certainly it’s a lot of work (and expensive!), but I think the results are well worth it. You get something totally new every level or two, and I think that keeps the game really fresh and engaging as you go through it. It’s part of why I really hope there’s enough demand for the other two episodes to get done – those have some of the best mechanics and environments yet!

Hint. Hint.

Anyway, if you’ve already pre-ordered Wrack (you are awesome!), head on over to the download page to pick up this latest update! If not, why not consider pre-ordering Wrack? It’s only $9.95, and we bet you’ll really enjoy it!

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2 Responses to Maintaining Freshness (this is NOT about food!)

  1. glenzinho says:

    Just about the updates… isn’t having to download 250+ MB again a bit much for an update of one map and some other fixes? Or is there another way to update that I’m not seeing, because the update link just takes me to the download page to download everything again. I’d prefer to wait until it’s all finished instead of downloading the whole thing each time a map is finished.

    • Carnevil says:

      It’s actually adding a whole new map with lots of other changes. If you want to wait until things are all done before updating, that’s your call.

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