At Last! A Featured Map!

A lot of you probably noticed the “Featured Maps” option after selecting “New Game” from within Wrack. A lot of you also probably noticed upon selecting it that there was nothing there, and moved on never to check it again. Sadface.

Well, great news! We’re now featuring a map through this system. It’s called Grange by Blarget2, and it’s a short E1M2-themed map that should prove to be both fun and challenging!

Also, it looks better than the stock maps.

What’s great is that you can play this from inside Wrack itself! By selecting “Featured Maps” after selecting “New Game”, Wrack will present you with a list of maps that we’re featuring and allow you to download it and play it RIGHT NOW! No annoying hassles of having to deal with file sharing sites or unzipping to proper folders or anything like that!

It’s quite a nice system that we hope to do more with. One thing we’ll almost certainly do is expand Time Attack and Score Attack to work with featured maps as well. Being able to have community-wide races on featured maps should be epic fun!

Hope you guys enjoy it!

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One Response to At Last! A Featured Map!

  1. S.J says:

    Good stuff Brad and of course Blarget2 :)

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