Character Bio – Kain Sager

Can you believe I actually thought it was okay to post the bios for everyone except the main character?! What the hell was I thinking?! Sometimes you guys need to smack me. Hard.

Once Kain’s bio is posted a couple of paragraphs from now, that will be it for characters at this stage of the game. Should we do well enough to do the massive two episode expansion (seriously, make this happen people), and even a multiplayer-focused Wrack 2, there will be plenty more! Ideas are already brewing.

Anyway, to avoid teasing you too much with what’s (potentially) coming… here’s Kain!

NAME: Kain Sager
CLASS: Commando
WEAPON: Hyperblade
BIO: Kain Sager is the protagonist of Wrack, leader of the small band of characters he’s assembled, and the character you play as. Haunted by a pair of tragedies from his past that he blames himself for, Kain now finds himself shouldered with the burden of keeping those he cares about safe. Even though he lives in a time of unprecedented prosperity and peace, he finds himself unable to relax and take part in it. Instead, he does everything he can to stay prepared against possible threats: staying in shape, maintaining a weapons arsenal, and recruiting a small complementary team to do the things he cannot. When tragedy does befall Earth in the form of an alien raid, only one person is ready for it… Kain!

That’s it for the bios! Now that you know a little bit about everyone, you’ll be able to see their personalities in full display when the next update comes out. It should be here sometime between 0 and 1,000,000,000 years.

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4 Responses to Character Bio – Kain Sager

  1. darkstar64 says:

    funny, I dont remember seeing that shotgun in the game.

    • Zaranell says:

      There’s footage of a double-barrel shotgun in one of the old alpha videos – I think the game was still called Last Bastion at the time. That was back before the cel-shaded visual overhaul.

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