Character Bio – Starlyn Sage

This is it! This is the last new character in this batch, so this will have to tide you over for awhile! Plenty more are planned for later, though. But enough about that! This post is about Wrack’s medic: Starlyn Sage!

NAME: Starlyn Sage
CLASS: Medic
WEAPON: Disruptor
BIO: Starlyn is both the medic of the group and the brains of the operation. On a team with the headstrong Kain and the narrow-minded Fabian, Starlyn fills the valuable role of keeping everyone focused on the big picture. While not possessing much technical expertise, she’s fascinated by science and by what must be out there in this vast universe of ours. Her being the only girl in the group though… complicates things.

This completes the introductions for all of the main characters thus far (or does Kain need a post like this too? Let us know!). The next update will feature all of these diverse character in action in cutscenes drawn by the same artist, Jack Love, who’s brought you all of these fantastic drawings! I know I can’t wait!

Until next time…

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7 Responses to Character Bio – Starlyn Sage

  1. darkstar64 says:

    Yes, cut-scenes! That way players who enjoy a good story will be further able to enjoy the game! When exactly is this next update supposed to come out?

  2. Hypnotoad says:

    I came

  3. Zaranell says:

    The girly-girl appearance and the nasty looking blade is an interesting juxtaposition, I must say. Not that it hasn’t been done before, but I really don’t mind because I freaking love Jack’s* art. Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing a bio page for Kain. Right now, all I know about him is that he’s kept a stockpile of weapons when everyone else in society became complacent, and he runs faster than any Olympic athlete. Oh, and he likes to make non-verbal “I win, you lose” gestures when he beats bosses.

    *(c wut i did there)

  4. Strych6 says:


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