Some Plans for Steam

So, in case you hadn’t heard the great news, here it is: We’ve been greenlit! This means we’ll finally be able to sell the game through Steam – a major, major PC distribution service (among other things). This means that people who have the game through Steam will have it in their convenient library, get automatic updates of the game, won’t have to log in through Wrack to play, will easily be able to gift extra copies to friends, etc. … and those are just the basics!

There are some other features Steam has that I’ll be looking to take advantage of that will make Wrack a much better product for you and the rest of the community. Here are a few, and if you feel like I’m forgetting something, feel free to chime in:

  • Cloud saving! How nice would it be to play Wrack on one computer, and effortlessly have your saved games transferred to another computer you’d like to play it on? Or your saved games preserved if your computer is destroyed by a rampaging werebuffalo? All possible with the magic of the cloud!
  • Early Access! We’d like to take advantage of Steam’s Early Access program so that we can get the game into the hands of many more beta testers players to make sure all of those little bugs are squashed!
  • Leaderboard upgrades! Wouldn’t it be great if instead of the “multiplayer” of Wrack having just a handful of people playing it, it had a TON of people playing it? And wouldn’t it be nice if you could not only lookup your score, but your friends’ scores as well? This will all be possible soon!
  • Steam Workshop! Admittedly, I’m not too familiar with this feature, but I’m pretty sure this will allow us to create a centralized way of finding and sharing maps and mods! Plus, if it can be integrated with WrackEd to make this process super easy… wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks! All sorts of greatness awaits! Today is a good day! :D

… oh, and just to be perfectly clear, if you bought the game already, you will get a Steam key! There, hopefully I can field that question a few less dozen times now! :P

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