Version “Reach for the Skybox” Released!

We’re pleased to announce that our second major biweekly update is here! This update has some brand-new skyboxes, new kill chain graphics, tons of fixes, and a whole lot more! A lot of it is outlined in our update trailer which you can see right here:


  • Completely remade the skyboxes! All of the existing skyboxes have been heavily updated, and E1L6 now has one of its own.
  • Added new specialized kill chain and kill combo graphics!
  • Added a new railgun trail graphic.
  • Added a new model for the box of rocket ammo.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the storyboards.
  • Fixed a crash that randomly occurred after exiting the credits sequence.
  • Made a fix to prevent objects from being “double deleted”, which would produce an error.
  • Optimized the calculation of the model outlines, which speeds up loading times.
  • Only replays made with the current release of Wrack can be played off of the leaderboard.
  • Fonts glyphs are now imported on a single texture, rather than individually.
  • Kerning values are generated automatically for fonts! Now, all that’s supplied is a base kerning amount, and the rest is taken care of automatically.
  • Sped up font rendering.
  • You can now specify which font glyphs have kerning applied to them.
  • Sound objects now properly play their sounds after a quicksave is restored.
  • Fix a bug that reset the number of secrets on a map after restarting in Time Attack/Score Attack mode.
  • Protips can now be colorized to highlight certain keywords.
  • Added and tweaked a few protips.
  • Fixed a bug that mistakenly caused players riding moving faces to block their movement.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed bounce collision objects to slide past walls when colliding with corners.
  • Gibs now properly bounce off of sloped floors.
  • Made a couple of fixes so that moving faces (lifts, etc.) end at the proper distance upon reaching their desired distance.
  • Fixed some walls on E1L2 that barrels could travel behind.
  • Kill chains and kill combos can now be defined externally! Their own graphics can now be specified as well.
  • Added a “NARRATOR” speaker title to the narrator’s lines.

It’s already out on Steam, and should be up on both the website and Desura shortly.

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