Version “Support the Troopers” Released!

We’re pleased to announce that our next biweekly update, “Support the Troopers”, is here! This latest update introduces a new model for the Arcturan troopers, achievement graphics, and numerous visual tweaks which you can see in action in the trailer here:


  • Arcturan troopers now have their own unique model! As a result, they’re now further differentiated from the soldiers.
  • Added achievement graphics! All of the currently unlockable achievements now have graphics, with the rest to come soon.
  • Added some Arcturan gut gibs which spawn for both the soldiers and troopers.
  • Added more detail to the bazooka texture.
  • Greatly improved the spike ball texture.
  • Bloom mapped the lights on the supply crate projectile trap.
  • Gibs now cross over monster blocking planes.
  • Fixed an editor crash involving pasting objects and undo/redo.
  • Fixed an editor crash involving using undo while creating a prism.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Score Attack mode to mistakenly use your regular playthrough high score on a map, rather then your high score in Score Attack mode.

It’s already out on Steam and the website, and should be up Desura shortly.

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