Wrack Adds Workshop for Maps & Mods

Wrack is an arcade-style, cel-shaded, first-person shooter that’s all about action, great gameplay, and most importantly, fun! It’s inspired by many games that have a rich tradition of modding – keeping the games fresh and fun for years to come! In that regard, Wrack seeks to be no different.

Today, Wrack takes its modding to the next level by adding full Steam Workshop support! With Steam Workshop, players can browse, subscribe to, and play content made from anyone in the community. Then, fire up Wrack to instantly play that content, ranging from simple maps to full-scale mods, like the Doom shareware episode recreation!

Use the included level editor, WrackEd, to not only create your own levels, but submit them (along with your own mods!) to the Steam Workshop. For more on modding, check out our wiki.

If you haven’t picked up Wrack yet, now is a great time since we just put out a juicy update, and best of all… it’s 25% off until February 25th!

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