Version “Now in Color!” Released

We’ve got another great update for you! This update, “Now in Color!”, significantly enhances the overall brightness and color depth of the game. It also adds a new form of anti-aliasing, some new screen effects, and plenty more! You can see for yourself the difference it all makes in the update trailer:


  • Significantly brightened many of the game’s textures and graphics! The game’s overall contrast should be much better now.
  • Added a new form of anti-aliasing: FXAA! This reduces pixelation of numerous edges, including weapon outlines and textures.
  • Updated the lightmapping blur algorithm to produce better results. Mappers also have more blurring choices!
  • Faces now take up less less lightmap space due to no longer needed a pixel-wide border.
  • Lowered the level ambient lighting from 64 to 16 to produce more contrast.
  • Optimized the rendering of decals. There’s still some more work to do, but it should be a bit better now.
  • Lowered the max. number of decals on a single face from 512 to 256.
  • Made some tweaks to the bloom algorithm. It now samples a more even distribution of pixels on the screen to blur.
  • Added support for angle/pitch offsets for various screen shaking effects, and applied it to the weapons (including the Hyperblade when it hits something).
  • The gamepad now rumbles when an object is struck with the Hyperblade.
  • Brightened and increased the duration the dynamic lights attached to weapons when they fire.
  • Barrel gibs now spin around.
  • Made some lighting/architecture adjustments on E1L1.
  • Added some bloom maps for several E1L1 textures.
  • Removed a couple of duplicate faces on E1L4.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented killed monsters that activate a checkpoint from being gibbed.

It’s already out on Steam and the website, and should be up Desura shortly.

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