Biweekly Updates Going Bi Bi

I know what you’re thinking, so let’s squash the confusion right out of the gate: No, our biweekly updates are not going to start experimenting with other games’ updates of the same gender. I can understand the confusion. Instead, what I actually mean is that our period of biweekly updates will be concluding soon.

Since launching on Steam in Early Access back in November, we’ve consistently put out an update every two weeks as we work towards the game’s completion. These 11 updates thus far (not counting hotfixes) have seen new levels, new bosses, new features, new team members (theCommie and MaxOfS2D), and plenty more!

Like… alien boning?

Thanks to all this progress (and to our new team members!), we’re actually starting to finish up. I know… crazy, right? The journey of a thousand years is actually coming to an end. Anyway, what we’re looking at right now is probably three more updates to finish up the game’s base content, and then spend some time putting the last bits (possibly tons) of polish on the game and release it sometime in the summer.

I wonder if there's anything going on this summer...

I wonder if there’s anything going on this summer…

What’s there left to finish in these updates? We’d like to get the last level and boss in and functional, as well as model Giggordo and the powerups. Beyond that in the polishing phase, I’d love to get some menu/intermission graphics done, get more particle effects going, reanimate several of the monsters and bosses, and whatever else there is to do!

Looking forward to it!

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