Version “Powered Up” Released!

We’ve got a great update for you! This one focuses mostly on polishing and bug fixing, but there are some new things as well! Two of the powerups finally have models (textures coming soon!), Zombo has additional animations and attacks, the engine has new powerful capabilities, and plenty more! No trailer this time, but we’ve got the complete list of changes for you.


  • Added new models for the doomsphere and turbosphere! They’re not textured yet, but will be soon.
  • Added several new animations for Zombo, including two attack animations, and a death animation.
  • Added support for spawning objects, particles, etc. at the location of a model’s bone! This allows certain effects to be tied much more closely to animations.
  • Added the strong missile (blue), which moves more slowly, but does far more damage! Currently, only Zombo fires these.
  • Added the SetSpawnPosition()/SetSpawnPositionAtBone() AI script commands, which allows you to set where you want projectiles to spawn at relative to the object itself.
  • Added the “+noautoswitch” weapon flag which prevents certain weapons from being switched to when you run out of ammo, and applied this to the bazooka.
  • Added an option to FireProjectileAtTarget() to only allow pitching of the projectile.
  • Added the “ignore crouch” projectile firing flag which cause the shots to ignore whether or not their target (if a player) is crouching.
  • Added the PitchTowardsTarget() AI script command, which behaves similarly to TurnTowardsTarget(), but affects the object’s pitch.
  • Made some optimizations to the animation system. Non-animated things, like dead bodies, shouldn’t cause as much of a performance hit.
  • Polished Zombo’s existing animations, and increased his gun size by 20% (for 150% more badassery!).
  • Brightened various textures and graphics. The quest to brighten the game continues.
  • Tweaked projectile pitching to make it better target the player.
  • Tweaked the missile colors to match the kill chain/combo colors.
  • Wave missiles now properly update their angle and pitch as they move about.
  • Sped up the credits sequence.
  • Made a change to E1L1 to prevent you from climbing outside of the map.
  • Made a change to E1L3 to prevent you from easily avoiding all of Mechron’s attacks.
  • Made a change to E1L4 to prevent you from potentially getting stuck in the seek soldier pillar trap.
  • Fixed some collision issues involving slopes resulting in objects falling through the map.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented seeking missiles from exploding upon killing their target.
  • Fixed a memory leak having to do with object outlines.
  • Fixed a bug where face actions could mistakenly get activated after reviving.
  • Fixed a bug that caused start of map cutscenes to play on other maps if you change maps before it gets to play.
  • Fixed collision on wave missiles.

It’s already out on Steam and the website, and should be up Desura shortly.

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