Version “Zomboned!” Released!

We’re back with another great update for you! “Zomboned!” sees the beginning of Zombo being animated by our new animator, along with decal fading, tweaks to the Oculus boss fight, even more gibs, and plenty more! You can check it out in the update trailer right here:


  • Began animating the E1L4 miniboss, Zombo! He’s by no means finished, but there’s been a significant amount of progress.
  • Decals can now fade both their color and transparency over time. This has been applied to the missile and blood decals.
  • Made numerous tweaks to the Oculus boss fight. It should be more interesting and more fair now.
  • Added additional and improved gibs for the Arcturan soldiers.
  • Fixed a collision bug that made it difficult to consistently get an extra boost from jump pads by holding the jump button.
  • Added both a “Browse Workshop” and “Reset” menu item to the “Workshop Content” menu! This allows you to browse the Steam Workshop from within Wrack itself, and should you subscribe to anything new, reset the list and play that content immediately!
  • Added background sounds for both the Recycling Center and Fusion Plant.
  • Monsters now turn more smoothly.
  • Players now turn more smoothly to face their view target.
  • Monsters now turn over 15 frames instead of 8.
  • Brightened the switch textures, pulse cells, and seek soldiers.
  • Fixed a weapon rendering issue that prevented the outlines from reaching the edge of the screen.
  • The QuakeAttack() AI script command no longer takes a screen shake amount argument. Instead, it returns true if the player was affected. DoScreenShake() can now be used to achieve the same effect as before.
  • Added the DoScreenShake() AI script command. It functions exactly like the weapon script command of the same name.
  • QuakeAttack() no longer tries to damage objects in range if the “damage” argument is 0.
  • hud_displayposition now displays the player’s angle/pitch as well.

It’s already out on Steam and the website, and should be up Desura shortly.

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