Minor Update “That’s Camtastic!” Released

We’ve got a minor update for you this week. Most of what’s been worked on won’t really shine until later on down the line, but there’s still some great new stuff nonetheless! Here’s the full list of changes:


  • The player camera can now be animated through weapon animations! This means that all weapon actions, including death, can animate the player’s camera. No weapons currently take advantage of this, but hey… it’s in!
  • Weapons now lag their position/angle when the player turns and moves. This makes the weapons feel more fluid.
  • Added a new Doom 2 mancubus-style attack to Zombo. One attack remains!
  • Fixed a collision issue that let you fall through the map when straddling lifts.
  • Fixed a collision issue that made slopes parallel to the one you’re currently on block you.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the mouse from being usable in the menu under certain resolutions.
  • Weapons now spawn their attacks based on their spawn position.
  • Added the SetSpawnPosition()/SetSpawnPositionAtBone() script commands for weapons.
  • Added the SpawnParticles() script command for weapons. This means that weapons can spawn particles now! None of them currently do, but they can!
  • Added the “camerabone” mesh weapon object property which sets the name of the weapon bone that affects the player’s camera.
  • Added the “lagoffset” weapon property which allows weapons to control the maximum amount their position can lack behind the player’s movement.
  • The AI script commands SetSpawnPosition() and SetSpawnPositionAtBone() now affect projectile spawn angles as well.
  • Did another pass of brightening on mesh textures and graphics. A bit more tweaking might be needed, but their brightness levels are pretty good now.
  • Did another pass of brightening on E1L2, and hooked up a new bloom map.
  • Added slightly more ammo to the boss room of E1L1 to ensure that the player has enough ammo to kill Geizer.
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