Out With The Old, In With the New!

Wrack came out 7 months ago today, and if you still haven’t picked it up, now is the perfect time to! “Why is that?” you’re probably not asking yourself… but hey, work with me here! The reason is that Wrack will be part of the Humble Bundle for the next week! We’re getting the honor of being included in this week’s bundle along with great titles like Freedom Planet and Fenix Rage! You can grab those and others for basically as cheap as you want (REMEMBER: Developers are humans who need to eat!), so be sure to check it out here at this fancy little button below!

Also, a lot of you have been asking what we’ve been up to now that Wrack is finished. Seeing as we haven’t publicly made any sort of statement on the subject, allow me to do it right now: We’re working on a new game! Is it Wrack 2? No. Is it Wrack: Episode 2? No. Is it a giraffe mating simulator? No… but maybe it should be! I can’t go much into details, but basically we’re making a new Wrack game with the same art style and universe you know and (hopefully) love.

We are going to be shifting genres a bit, though. Don’t worry – this will still be a first-person shooter! Without giving too much away just yet, I will say this game involves tower defense. The bottom line is we’re finding a way to bring you MORE! More weapons, more enemies, more levels… more fun! What we’ve got planned will be a great way to deliver that to you. Hopefully, this time it won’t take six years! ;)

Can’t wait to share more with you guys!

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