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Wrack Isn’t Retro!

I’m tired of Wrack being referred to as a “retro” FPS. It would be one thing if it truly was… but it’s not. Is the art style retro? No. Is the music retro? No. Are the sounds retro? No. Are … Continue reading

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Version “The Update Cometh… Early” Released… Early

I’m proud to announce that the first of our biweekly updates, entitled “The Update Cometh… Early”, is here… and as you may have guessed, it’s here early! We really wanted to get some bugs and other issues from the initial … Continue reading

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Some Plans for Steam

So, in case you hadn’t heard the great news, here it is: We’ve been greenlit! This means we’ll finally be able to sell the game through Steam – a major, major PC distribution service (among other things). This means that … Continue reading

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New Update Preview!

Wrack’s next update is going to be so big that it’s getting its own preview! We’re all very proud of this update which marks a major step towards Wrack’s completion. That doesn’t mean we’ll be done working on it by … Continue reading

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Character Bio – Kain Sager

Can you believe I actually thought it was okay to post the bios for everyone except the main character?! What the hell was I thinking?! Sometimes you guys need to smack me. Hard. Once Kain’s bio is posted a couple … Continue reading

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Character Bio – Starlyn Sage

This is it! This is the last new character in this batch, so this will have to tide you over for awhile! Plenty more are planned for later, though. But enough about that! This post is about Wrack’s medic: Starlyn … Continue reading

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Character Bio – Exo

We continue to make progress on our next major update! More textures are being done, more levels are being completed, but most importantly… new characters are being made! I’m very pleased to introduce the next major character in the Wrack … Continue reading

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Character Bio – Fabian Long

As I mentioned in the previous article, a lot of the focus lately has been on the story and characters involved in the Wrack universe. One of the best parts about that? New character designs! That being said, I’m very … Continue reading

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Story Time!

What’s something that games have focused on a lot more in the past 10 years or so? The plot – and Wrack is about to be no different! Games are evolving into a storytelling medium. Why is this? For one, … Continue reading

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Wrack – Released on Desura (and ON SALE)!

Wrack is now available on Desura! Just what is Desura? It’s a digital distribution platform that’s geared towards indies like us! We’re part of their alphafunding program which means that you get everything we’ve made now (for a discount) and … Continue reading

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