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In Defense of Early Access

Since its inception, I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Steam’s Early Access. I’ve heard it described as “the worst thing to have happened to Steam ever,” as “one of the worst fads to appear recently,” and even that … Continue reading

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Wrack Isn’t Retro!

I’m tired of Wrack being referred to as a “retro” FPS. It would be one thing if it truly was… but it’s not. Is the art style retro? No. Is the music retro? No. Are the sounds retro? No. Are … Continue reading

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Creating SFX for Wrack — The Latest

In my last post about creating sfx, I mentioned how you have to balance the volumes of the music and sfx. Well, Brad has now implemented sound priorities. If you’ve never heard the term “ducking” when it comes to sound, … Continue reading

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Principles of Design – Contrast

There’s definitely something I haven’t gotten right with the levels. It’s really hurt the visual quality of the game, and I’m almost ashamed that it didn’t dawn on me earlier to do something about it. So, what is it exactly … Continue reading

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Games Should Be Shorter and Easier

So here’s a troubling little nugget of information I ran into recently – many gamers don’t finish the games they buy… as in, an absurdly high percentage. According to Activision’s Keith Fuller, that number is a whopping 90%! Sadly, that … Continue reading

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The Enemy of Good

Have you ever refused to do something because you couldn’t do it perfectly? There’s a proverb by Voltaire that says “Perfect is the enemy of good”. Basically, you can let yourself get so paralyzed by the thought of having to … Continue reading

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Monster Showcase – The Crusher!

Well, the time for our first release is fast approaching! Recently we’ve finished retexturing several of the monsters – none of which getting a bigger facelift than… THE CRUSHER! How much has this thing improved? I wasn’t even comfortable showing … Continue reading

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New Wrack Interview!

As you may recall in our QuakeCon Wrap Up post, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by The Astringent Gaming Journal. I’m very pleased to announce that the interview is now available! In the interview, we discuss several topics, … Continue reading

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Creating Sound Effects For Wrack

There may be some of you who would be interested in how to create your own sound effects for Wrack.  I’ll tell you how I’ve done it so far in hopes it will help you. Brad has created a system … Continue reading

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Resolving Color Issues

Some of you may have noticed something about the level shown at QuakeCon – it was really gray! This was never intentional, and is something we’ve worked on since then. The reason the level was so gray is because before … Continue reading

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