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Major news for the project and site.

Chat With The Developers!

Want to get in touch with us? Want to pick our brains or let us know what you think of Wrack so far? Want to know what the hell we were thinking not including an FOV slider?! (PROTIP: Just use … Continue reading

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Maintaining Freshness (this is NOT about food!)

… I know. I’m disappointed, too. Anyway, remember how when you pre-ordered Wrack, I was like “Man, it’s going to be sweet! We’re going to keep making it, and you’ll get new levels as soon as we finish them!”, and … Continue reading

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Featured Map Giveaway

As you may already be well aware, I’ve always wanted mapping/modding to be a big part of Wrack. Not only does it come with a great map editor in WrackEd, but we also have a “Featured Maps” mechanism built into … Continue reading

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Wrack has been released!

The day many of us have long been waiting for is finally here! We’re very pleased to announce that you are now able to pre-order Wrack, and start playing it today! Not only that, but you’ll instantly be able to … Continue reading

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Release Details

So, you all marked your calendars right? Right?! If you did, then you already know that tomorrow Wrack is coming out! If not… then well, now you know (also, for shame!). We’ll be kicking things off early in the day. … Continue reading

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Mark Your Calendars!

… or smartphones or whatever the hell you use to keep track of upcoming stuff nowadays! Things have been going great with Wrack lately. Hopefully you’ve seen some of the previews and maybe even the playthrough by OverTheGun. We’re so … Continue reading

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Want To Get Wrack Early?

… you can if you’re a mapper! That’s right! Because we want one of the big appeals of Wrack to be maps and mods created by you all, I’d like to give a few lucky people the chance to started … Continue reading

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Looking for Level Designers

As those of you who follow me on Twitter may know, I’ve been making a huge amount of progress on Wrack’s maps. In roughly a month’s time, I’ve completed the layouts and done the gameplay for almost ALL of episode … Continue reading

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Here We Are!

I’d like to officially welcome everyone to the new website! As you can see, there’s quite a lot here – the new logo, new screenshots, new forums… and the first trailer for Wrack! I’m very pleased with the results, and … Continue reading

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Forthcoming Announcements

Things are really starting to come together. This is a very exciting time, and it’s something that I (and hopefully many others) have waited a long time for! There’s a lot that’s going to be coming down the pipes. Within … Continue reading

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