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New Update Preview!

Wrack’s next update is going to be so big that it’s getting its own preview! We’re all very proud of this update which marks a major step towards Wrack’s completion. That doesn’t mean we’ll be done working on it by … Continue reading

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Principles of Design – Contrast

There’s definitely something I haven’t gotten right with the levels. It’s really hurt the visual quality of the game, and I’m almost ashamed that it didn’t dawn on me earlier to do something about it. So, what is it exactly … Continue reading

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Maintaining Freshness (this is NOT about food!)

… I know. I’m disappointed, too. Anyway, remember how when you pre-ordered Wrack, I was like “Man, it’s going to be sweet! We’re going to keep making it, and you’ll get new levels as soon as we finish them!”, and … Continue reading

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Monster Showcase – The Crusher!

Well, the time for our first release is fast approaching! Recently we’ve finished retexturing several of the monsters – none of which getting a bigger facelift than… THE CRUSHER! How much has this thing improved? I wasn’t even comfortable showing … Continue reading

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New Batch of Screenshots!

As the title suggests, I’m very pleased to showcase a brand new batch of screenshots! We’ve all worked very hard to improve the look over the past several months, and I think it’s paid off. These represent how the pre-order … Continue reading

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Looking for Level Designers

As those of you who follow me on Twitter may know, I’ve been making a huge amount of progress on Wrack’s maps. In roughly a month’s time, I’ve completed the layouts and done the gameplay for almost ALL of episode … Continue reading

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New Wrack Interview!

As you may recall in our QuakeCon Wrap Up post, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by The Astringent Gaming Journal. I’m very pleased to announce that the interview is now available! In the interview, we discuss several topics, … Continue reading

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Advanced Lighting – Ambient Occlusion

Considering that the Vega pre-order version is getting very close to being done and released, I figure that it’s time to start sharing some of the finer points of the engine/game that I hope you will all get to experience … Continue reading

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Merry Christmahanakwanzika!

Well, with the holiday season here, what better to celebrate this time of giving than with a new batch of screenshots! We’ve all been hard at work trying to finish up the alpha of Last Bastion (which is actually getting … Continue reading

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Hey, An Update!

So, we’ve been getting ready for our very first release! Considering that this project hasn’t exactly been free to produce, my plan is to help raise some money to finish up the first episode with… a 3-map alpha! For something … Continue reading

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