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Updates on some of the technology behind Wrack.

Speed Runs and Score… Funs?

Following on the heels of last week’s article on Wrack’s super-mega-awesomepants features, I thought it’d be great to talk about another one of them – Wrack’s Time Attack and Score Attack modes! These are two special modes designed each with … Continue reading

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Creating Sound Effects For Wrack

There may be some of you who would be interested in how to create your own sound effects for Wrack.  I’ll tell you how I’ve done it so far in hopes it will help you. Brad has created a system … Continue reading

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Advanced Lighting – Ambient Occlusion

Considering that the Vega pre-order version is getting very close to being done and released, I figure that it’s time to start sharing some of the finer points of the engine/game that I hope you will all get to experience … Continue reading

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From Your Perspective…

So recently, LB modeler/designer The Doom Freak brought something to my attention – the aspect ratio was off. He claimed that things were being vertically stretched. To my shock, I discovered that he was right, and quickly fixed the problem. … Continue reading

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Skulltag Source Code – RELEASED!

Now I realize this isn’t news about Project Vega/Last Bastion, but I think that given the magnitude of this announcement… maybe you’ll let this slide After years of standing in the way of this, I have finally decided to allow … Continue reading

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New phase – new look!

Things have been pretty quiet from us since QuakeCon. What’s the deal with that? Were we all wiped out in a cataclysmic rain of fire? Were we enslaved and working in the coal mines? Are we all too busy playing … Continue reading

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The power of shadows

So I’ve been working on the first map of Vega’s QuakeCon demo, and have finally gotten to use one of the features implemented some time ago: shadows! Why am I bothering to write an entire new blog on shadows? Well, … Continue reading

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Progress update – 6/09

So yeah, I haven’t posted any updates in awhile. I know I know… what a jerk I am! I’ll sit here and wait while you all throw bricks at me… OUCH! Alright now that that’s over with, let’s get on … Continue reading

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Our development phases

After more than a year, we’ve finally finished the first phase of our development. This first development phase has been dedicated to getting our basic technology up and running: having a fully functional map editor, being able to run around … Continue reading

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Going backwards: From per-pixel to light mapping

About a week ago when we posted our first screenshots, I was hoping that that would be the end of our first phase in which we focused purely on visuals. Everything was looking great: skyboxes, high-res textures, per-pixel lighting, and … Continue reading

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