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Thread: Looking For Level Designers

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    Looking For Level Designers

    As those of you who follow me on Twitter may know, I've been making a huge amount of progress on Wrack's maps. In roughly a month's time, I've completed the layouts and done the gameplay for almost ALL of episode 2's maps! Now that's progress! (And they're not exactly slapped together either - the concepts behind these maps are things I've wanted to do for YEARS, and only now have the programming ability to pull them off!)

    Sadly, these levels (along with most of episode 1's maps) are completely unlit, undetailed, and untextured. To right this wrong, I've decided to speed the mapping process along by bringing someone else onto the team.

    I'm looking for someone to take level layouts and sculpt them into something beautiful. This involves texturing, lighting, architecture, etc. If making pretty levels is a strength of yours, then you may have what it takes to join our team!

    Also, you will be paid for this. So, yeah. There's that.

    Anyway, if you're capable of taking godawful pieces of shit like this:

    ... and turning it into masterful works of art like this:

    ... let me know at! Please show some samples of your work.


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    Hey, sent you an email!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh VanValkenburg View Post
    Hey, sent you an email!
    I think you're a bit late :|
    Hey there, I'm Lunick.

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