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Thread: Update "quakecon2" - 8/10/2012

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    Update "quakecon2" - 8/10/2012

    Sadly, QuakeCon is over! We got to meet a lot of new people, and also got a lot of great feedback which we've spent the past week addressing. On top of that, we've got some totally new things for this update! Here's what's new:


    • ADDED GIBBING! The arcturans now explode in a bloody mess of gibs when massively damaged!
    • Made the colored bars on E1M2/E1M3 thinner so that you can see past them! This helps make your progression through the maps more clear, and also entices you with secrets!
    • Revamped the armor system! It's now more intuitive and more closely resembles the player's health system.
    • Improved the blood particles that appear when shooting the arcturans.
    • Made some visual enhancements to E1M2.
    • The rocket now produces a smoke trail.
    • Added a new crusher alert sound!
    • Added a new conveyor belt looping sound!
    • Added a couple of breakable crates to E1M2 to help introduce them better.
    • Added the IsStopped() AI script command which return true if an object is motionless.


    • Particles now sort correctly according to distance.
    • Made numerous gameplay tweaks.
    • Renamed the "Use shaders" button to "Enable lighting" in the editor (both rendering techniques use shaders!).
    • The left bracket key ([) can now be used for bindings.
    • The crosshair now fades out during secret message displays.

    As always, you can download this update on the download page!


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    since when were there rockets? I had quake con and it didn't have any sort of rocket launcher

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    Mezron, the E1M3 boss, shoots rockets.

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    Nice update. Love the gibs! I noticed the shotgun never gibs the arcturans, even with the doomsphere. Maybe because it sees every pellet as individual damage instead of a whole? I guess this could be fixed if they could be gibbed during their death animation.

    Like, pellet damage = 8, enemy health = 1, health needed to gib = -10.
    1 - 8 = -7. (a.k.a it never reaches its 'gib health')

    Speaking of death, any plans on gibbable corpses?
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    Actually, you CAN gib the lower arcturans in certain situations. If they get hit by an enemy projectile, they'll take damage but won't die. Then, when you blast them with a doomsphere'd shotgun... GIBS!

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