June Development Update

We’ve had a hell of a June – and it’s not even over yet! It’s been one of the busiest months in the project’s existence, and they’re only going to get busier and more exciting from here on out. So, may as well start sharing some monthly updates with you. What a great way to catch up!

First of all, remember when the game was called Wrack: Starfall? Yeah… about that…

Not anymore!

Not anymore!

So, why the name change? Well, there’s a pretty established line of educational software with a similar name. We didn’t think that would be a problem with us being a video game and all (not to mention calling it Wrack: Starfall, instead of just Starfall), but, well, apparently it was. We weren’t married to the name and decided to just come up with a new one.

… and we love it! What does the name mean, exactly? Well, “exo” more or less means “external” (like exoskeleton), or “beyond”. For instance, recently discovered exoplanets are planets beyond our solar system. So, what does Exoverse mean? The universe beyond. You’ll be leaving cozy little Earth and getting out there and seeing what wacky things lie out there beyond this home of ours.

No word yet on whether or not it has anything to do with this guy.

No word yet on whether or not it has anything to do with this guy.

Plus, we’ve ironed down all of the content we want to have in our Early Access release – all of the weapons, artifacts, runes, consumables… and more! We’re getting all of these things concepted, modeled, textured, and animated (follow along on our Trello) at a pace we’re all happy with – all thanks to some new members on the team!

We’re looking to show some footage at the end of next month – probably some sort of stream. We’re looking to do this before QuakeCon, where we’ll be showing off the game for the first time. We’re hoping to have one of the areas all done, along with several monsters, weapons, and items. Should be really exciting!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to tweaking the shinyness/reflectiveness of these weapons.


Maybe just a bit too much reflection…

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