What does it mean that Exoverse has rogue-like elements? It means it’s always a new experience every time you play! Never will you play the exact same level twice due to things like levels, waves, and item deployment being randomized.

If you die, that’s okay! Not every run is going to end in success. You can continue to progress through the game by unlocking items for future playthroughs.Collect drops from enemies and turn them in at The Focus – a central base and shop between levels – to accomplish this.


A single successful playthrough of Exoverse will take you through 5 worlds… but each world can take place on as many as three different settings! Not only is each level prodcedurally generated, but the setting you play on is selected randomly as well making each playthrough of Exoverse even more unique.


Concept art for one of three possible settings for World 1: The Metroplex

  • World 1: Indoor Bases – World 1 brings you to one of three indoor base locations – the Metroplex, the Disposal Area, and the Recycling Center!
  • World 2: Outdoor Bases – Spread your wings a little and get outside in World 2! Defend the beacon in more scenic climates like the Rainforest, the Swiss Alps, and the Dangar Desert!
  • World 3: Spaaace! – Leave this earthly realm and travel to space in World 3! Keep the Beacon safe on the Gigantic Asteroid and the Alien Ship!
  • World 4: The Alien World – March into enemy territory in World 4! Protect the Beacon in the Proving Grounds and the Nerve Center!
  • World 5: ??? – Very little is known about World 5 – even to the developers!

The Focus

Before entering any particular world, you start off at a base known as The Focus, where you can shop for supplies, including weapons, towers, and artifacts.


Concept art for The Focus – a central base for buying weapons, towers, and other goodies.