We sure hope you like weapons – lots of weapons! – because we have a ton planned and already developed for Exoverse! With over 16 weapons well into development (and more planned ), there’s a perfect weapon for every situation! Not that anybody’s complaining, but why so many? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Starting Weapons – Every character gets their own unique weapon at the start of the game. This weapon never appears in the levels or shops.
  • Upgradeable Weapons – Completing a certain feat with a character will upgrade that starting weapon!
  • Situational Weapons – Carry up to 4 weapons at a time – each best in a certain situation! Slot 1 weapons are best against single closeby monsters, whereas slot 4 weapons are best against far away groups!
  • Light, Heavy… Special – Light weapons do great against numerous weak enemies, heavy weapons do great against single strong targets, and special weapons… well, are just special!
  • Two Tiers – We don’t want anything too strong to drop early in the game (like a Minigun), so the weapons are split into two whole tiers! Venture further into the game to discover even more powerful weapons.