After eight years and two games, Final Boss Entertainment is closing.

First, I want to thank those of you who’ve supported us as we’ve tried to bring you games that not only look and feel great to play, but have great design behind them to keep you coming back again and again, and leave you wanting more. Whether you’ve been on board since the Skulltag days, or more recently with Exoverse… thank you! You’ve been great, and it means a lot.

Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to attract enough great people like you. The landscape has become very crowded in recent years, and despite our skills as game developers increasing dramatically, I’ve been unable to get the attention of both content creators, and fans. Without adequate reviews, videos, streams, and fans… we cannot survive, which is where we find ourselves today.

I’m very proud of what we were able to create. My years working on Wrack were some of my best. It felt like the beginning of something great. We built our own engine and level editor and learned a ton about game development in a very short period of time. We even made new friends! Even though development of Exoverse didn’t go as smoothly, I still learned an incredible amount – thanks in part to the talented people I got to work with.

I genuinely hope you find some great games to play, and that they touch your life as much as games have touched mine. Making great games has been all I’ve wanted to do my entire life. Now, I’ll have to find something else to do with the rest of it.

Take care, and enjoy.

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  1. I know somewhere in the future many ppl will pick up on Final Boss. There will be tournaments and high scores to attend and beat. It’ll take time to obtain this cult following but with the style and fun these games have I know it won’t be to far from now. Sometimes the prettiest of gems take awhile to be discovered. Only those who truly understand the value of such gems will know it when they see it. God Bless Final Boss & all those who worked on the team.

  2. We played Wrack for the Ultimate Decathlon (of speedrun) in France, and I can’t help having a tear in my cheek right now.

    Thank you very much for this wonderful game and for all you did during the past years. May your studio and Wrack never be forgotten.


    Have a nice life and hope to see you again soon!

  3. Well, I’ve been around since most of Wrack: Exoverse development cicle, and I must say I’ve never seen a single man work this hard to do something right. Sadly, some mistakes were made along the way, people didn’t give this game as much attention as needed, and the game won’t be fully completed, and Final Boss Entertainment, will be closing.

    I’m genuinely sad this is happening, and Brad, I hope you can move on, with your life, get a new job, and everything good I could wish you.

    It was cool “working” with you, giving feedback, discussing changes…and of course, playing both of your games, which I like very much. Thank you for everything man. Stay strong.

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